Training Facilities

The following locations are esteemed partners where we proudly conduct business with and host a variety of  courses, events, and matches:

  • Panthera Training Center: Renowned for its specialized training programs tailored for military and law enforcement professionals. Situated in a setting designed to replicate real-world scenarios, Panthera Training Center ensures participants are fully prepared for operational challenges through expert-led courses and immersive simulations.                                    

  • Amped Airsoft Arena: A premier facility offering customizable indoor fields ideal for tactical training and strategic simulations. Whether for honing combat skills, conducting scenario-based exercises, or hosting medical course, Amped Airsoft Arena provides a controlled environment that challenges participants to excel in strategic thinking and teamwork.


These partnerships reflect our commitment to providing top-tier training and tactical experiences in environments that prioritize realism, readiness, and professional development. Whether you seek to enhance operational capabilities or engage in high-stakes competitions, our venues are equipped to deliver impactful experiences that elevate performance and achieve objectives effectively.